Apprenticeship Program

Our Apprenticeship Program combines on the job training with classroom education in a specific trade (carpentry or millwright) over a four-year apprenticeship period.

On the job site, each apprentice will work under a skilled and experienced journeyman who will provide training on a one-on-one basis.

In the classroom, the apprentice must take 144 hours of classroom instruction per year. The classes are designed specifically for your trade and are sanctioned by the Virginia Department of Labor, ABC of Baltimore, and the Department of Veteran Affairs.

After each year of employment, the apprentice will receive a pay raise. And after successful completion of the four-year program, the apprentice will be promoted to journeyman and will receive an official certificate documenting this status. In just four years, you can rise from a laborer to a journeyman with a marketable skill!

ACE employee Brandon Stevens was recently featured in the summer issue of Save the Bay magazine. Brandon came to us in 2008 as a laborer and enrolled in our Millwright apprentice program. He has completed his coursework and is now in the process of testing to become a certified journeyman millwright. View article.

For more information about our Apprenticeship Program, please review our brochure.