ACE is a general contractor that specializes in the construction of water and wastewater treatment facilities. Our goal is to be the premier builder of water infrastructure projects in the Mid-Atlantic United States. We will achieve our goals through our focused commitment to continuous improvement. We will invest in the personnel development of all employees through training and mentoring programs. We will strive constantly to enhance our work processes to produce the highest-quality finished product. These efforts will result in a challenging and rewarding environment as we work each day to preserve and improve our world’s most precious resource – water!


Safety. ACE prides itself on being a safe contractor. We train all of our employees on proper safety methods and integrate safety into the estimating, planning, and building process. As a result, we currently have an EMR (Experience Modification Rating) of 0.98, which is better than the industry average of 1.0. This record has been achieved by providing a safe working environment for our employees, combined with a training program to educate our workers on safe working procedures.

Project Planning. The safe working environment is a product of our project team members planning safety into the construction process. By incorporating safety into the planning process, the proper safeguards can be put in place well before a worker is potentially endangered by a hazardous field condition. In the event that an accident does occur, we make sure that the lesson is learned by not only the parties involved, but all members of our workforce so the injury is not repeated.

Training. We offer OSHA 30-hour training, First Aid, CPR, and Confined Space Training to just name a few. We also conduct weekly safety talks at each of our job sites to address job-specific safety issues and discuss any concerns that a worker may have. One of our main goals is to ensure that all of our employees return home each day safe and sound. In our efforts to achieve this goal, we have implemented and adhere to a strong safety training program.