Bid Schedule Annapolis WRF Improvements Phase 1

Bid Date

January 12th @ 1:30 PM

Project Location

7228 Edgewood Road, Annapolis, MD 21403


Anne Arundel County



Estimated Value


The following is a general description of the project:

The work under this Contract generally includes, but is not limited to, the following at the Annapolis Water Reclamation Facility:

 a. Replacement of the two influent screens with new screens including associated demolition, isolation gate installation, and weir replacement. 

b. Removal of the existing screenings conveyor, compactor and drainage pump and replacement with two new compactors provided as a system with the new screens. Non-potable water (NPW) improvements are also required for the new compactors.

c. Replacement of the grit collector equipment in both grit tanks including bridge, drive, mechanism, influent vanes, and collector conveyor screws and all associated demolition.

d. New common grit conveyor and grit washing equipment including associated non-potable supply system requirements.

e. Grit tank repairs and improvements including associated bypass pumping of forward flow for grit tank effluent channel repairs.

f. Screening and grit collection, storage and transfer to dumpsters during

g. Screen and Grit Building grating improvements.

h. Screen and Grit Building potable water improvements.

i. Screen and Grit Building painting improvements.

j. NPW Improvements to Screen and Grit Building and Odor Control Facilities.

k. Primary Clarifier Upgrades for both clarifiers including replacement mechanism, drive, scum and weir baffles, scum pump, scum discharge piping between clarifiers and Dewatering Building, cover and support beam demolition and installation of new odor control launder covers and clarifier bridge. 

l. Primary Clarifier tank repairs and improvements for both tanks. Railing and stairway access improvements.

m. Testing and balancing of plant-wide odor control system after the Primary Clarifier cover modifications are completed.

n. Thickener overflow improvements including a new gravity line to the Primary Clarifier Distribution Box and overflows to the Lower Holding Pond.

o. Replacement liner for the Lower Holding Pond including removal of existing liner, repair of subbase where needed, installation of new liner including additional concrete for embedding new liner.

p. Standby bypass pumping between influent sewer and Upper Pond during liner replacement construction

q. Road improvements throughout the facility including full depth pavement replacement, mill and overlay, and demolition of an existing truck scale and associated light pole relocation.

r. Grading

s. Painting

t. Electrical upgrades

u. Process control system upgrades, and

v. All other work required to complete the improvements.

 The work includes all requirements to provide fully finished and operable systems including miscellaneous items and operations as shall be indicated, shown, specified or required to complete the work in strict conformity with the Contract Documents. The work also includes all specified, indicated and shown demolition, bypass pumping, earthwork, paving, precast structures, cast-in-place concrete, masonry, metal fabrications, fiberglass products, coatings, mechanical and electrical equipment, instrumentation and controls, appurtenances, accessories, tests necessary and required for a completely operable installation satisfactory to the Engineer.

Contract Documents Available Here