Bid Schedule Atlantic TP Screens 1-3

Bid Date

February 9th @ 2:00 PM

Project Location

645 Firefall Dr, Virginia Beach, VA 23454





Estimated Value

$4,000,000- $5,000,000

The following is a general description of the project:

The Work consists of furnishing all labor, material and equipment for the installation of new
influent screening equipment, including, but not necessarily limited to influent screens, washer
compactors, all ancillary equipment and components, and modifications to existing facilities. The
construction is located in the existing Preliminary Treatment Facility. Modifications to existing facilities
include, but are not limited to, non-potable water system modifications, odorous air ducting
modifications, electrical and instrumentation modifications and equipment access platform construction.
The Owner has pre-purchased goods and special services for the major influent screening equipment
(Procurement Documents for the Atlantic Treatment Plant Influent Screen Replacement) and intends to
assign the Procurement Contract to the Contractor.

Contract Documents Available Here