Bid Schedule Blue Plains RFEPS

Bid Date

January 13th @ 5:00 PM

Project Location

5000 Overlook Ave, Washington, DC20032


District of Columbia Water & Sewer Authority


Hazen & Sawyer

Estimated Value


The following is a general description of the project:

The following listing enumerates the major items of work included in the contract:
• Demolition of existing pumps, motors, piping, valving, appurtenances and out of service
equipment and piping in the work area.
• New pipe supports and discharge piping for both the high and low pressure RFE pump
system, including flow meters, valves, and miscellaneous appurtenances as shown.
• Modifications to the existing FADF and return sludge gallery structures, included penetrations
of existing concrete structures and modification of existing exterior access platforms.
• New 480V and 4160V variable frequency drives and controls for both the high and low pressure
RFE system.
• New HVAC systems for the existing Electrical Buildings 10 and 11 and FADF Pump Room
• New high and low pressure vertical turbine RFE pumps.
• Integration of new equipment into the existing Process Control System (PCS).
The project requires completion within 1032 consecutive calendar days.

Contract Documents Available Here