Bid Schedule Catonsville WTP

Bid Date

June 30th @ 10:45 AM

Project Location

1946 Powers Lane, Catonsville, MD 21228


Baltimore County, MD


Gannett Fleming

Estimated Value

$10,000,000- $15,000,000

The following is a general description of the project:

Work for this under this Contract includes, but is not limited to, demolition; bypass pumping; earthwork; fencing; cast-in-place concrete; precast concrete; pavement; metal fabrications; fiberglass products; painting; rehabilitation of the main station pumps; pipe, valve, and fittings; disinfection system; heating and ventilation equipment, electrical service and distribution systems; motor control center; generator and automatic transfer switches; instrumentation and control systems; cathodic protection; and all other work required to complete the pumping station improvements. The work includes all requirements to provide a fully furnished and operable pumping station facility including miscellaneous items and operations as shall be indicated, shown, specified, or required to complete the work in strict conformity with the Contract Documents. The work also includes all specified indicated and shown mechanical and electrical equipment, appliances, appurtenances, furnishings, instrumentation and controls, systems integration, accessories, tests, and sundry parts and material as shall be necessary and required for a completely operable installation satisfactory to the Engineer. 

Contract Documents Available Here