Bid Schedule Little Hunting Creek SPS

Bid Date

September 10th @ 11:00 AM

Project Location

8600 Stockton Pkwy, Fort Hunt, VA  22308


FAirfax County



Estimated Value

$7,000,000- $9,000,000

The following is a general description of the project:

The demolition and replacement of: pumps and all associated piping, valves, gates, and actuators; switchgear, VFDs, and all associated conduits and wiring; and HVAC system and ducts. Additionally:
structural repairs to the roof, exterior retaining walls, and wall cracks; installation of a wastewater grinder and modifications to the influent channels; and the installation of a permanent emergency wastewater bypass piping system, which is wet-tapped into the forcemain outside of the building. All work is to be done while maintaining continuous pumping operations throughout the project.

Contract Documents Available Here