Bid Schedule

Bid Date

April 29th

Project Location

14 Sullivan Street, Mount Morris, NY 14510


Village of Mount Morris


MRB Group

Estimated Value


Below is a general description of the project, major trades involved, DBE requirements and a link to the contract documents:

This project includes the following work:

  • Misc site preparation
  • Construct new concrete tank walls and channels
  • Install fabrications and UV system along with flow meter equipment
  • Install grating, platforming, stairs and slide gates
  • Excavate and expose the site piping at the points of connection to verify the size, location and material of construction in order to assure proper pipe coupling/ transition fitting size and type prior to making the connection
  • Coordinate with owner for the temporary shutdown of the plant in order to make connections to existing lines.
  • Make connections to exiting lines
  • Disinfect piping and appurtenances
  • Site piping

 Major Trades

  • Cast-in-place Concrete
  • Miscellaneous Metals
  • Earthwork
  • Electrical
  • Process Pipe
  • Process Equipment

There is a 20% DBE participation requirement.  In order to be eligible, entities must be registered with the NY DOT.

Contract Documents Available Here