Bid Schedule Potomac WFP Gravity Thickeners

Bid Date

February 16th @ 11:59 AM

Project Location

12200 River Road, Potomac, MD  20854





Estimated Value


The following is a general description of the project:

Major elements of the Project include:
1. Sitework:
a. Demolition of a storage building, cellular tower and related components, selective demolition of asphalt pavement, storm water utilities, yard piping, and site electrical utilities.
b. Civil improvements, including a retaining wall, asphalt paving, grass pavers, and storm water collection and management.
c. Yard piping, including two 20-inch thickener overflow (TO) from flow splitter structure (FSS) through the Transco gas utility easement, to be extended under separate contract; 10- to 12-inch plate settler solids (PLTS) from FSS to a coordinate just beyond the Transco gas utility easement; 6-inch sedimentation basin effluent (SBE) from FSS through the Transco gas utility easement, to be extended under separate contract; 6- and 10-inch thickener recycle (TR); 8- to 18-inch TO; 6-inch thickener underflow (TU); 8-inch potable water (PW); 2- to 6-inch non-potable water (NPW).
d. Site electrical, including: Concrete-encased duct bank, manholes, and hand holes for power, control, and communication cables; site lighting

Flow Splitter/Gravity Thickener Overflow Structure: three-level concrete structure with fiberglass paneling and includes related architectural, structural, process mechanical, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical Work.

Gravity Thickener Complex: three 126-foot diameter gravity thickeners with collection mechanisms and includes related structural, process mechanical, and electrical Work; elevated platform from the FSS to the three gravity thickeners.

Thickener Pump Stations: six pre-engineered, packaged pump stations housed within a fiberglass enclosure each equipped with two self-priming pumps and located over the top of a cast-in-place, below grade concrete vault.

Solids Handling Building: selective demolition, process mechanical, and electrical Work within the existing building.

Dry Polymer Building: single-story, pre-engineered metal building over cast-in-place slab-on-grade that includes related architectural, structural, process mechanical, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical Work.

This work includes requirements for DBE participation. Qualified firms are encouraged to apply.

Contract Documents Available Here