Bid Schedule Richmond WWTP Water Lines

Bid Date

April 29th @ 2:30 PM

Project Location

1400 Brander St, Richmond, VA  23224


City of Richmond, VA


Greeley & Hansen

Estimated Value

$4,000,000- $5,000,000

Below is a general description of the project, major trades involved, DBE requirements and a link to the contract documents:

This project includes the following work:

A. Field identification and verification of the locations of existing utilities in the area of work and installation of Sediment and Erosion Control measures prior to demolition work.
B. Location of existing water lines and valves for demolition and replacement. Form a work plan to demolish and replace existing city water and plant water pipeline as directed by the contract documents to achieve minimum disruption to normal plant operation; provide by-pass on a temporary basis to maintain plant facility operational, including providing adequate temporary feed of all ?re service lines and existing hydrants.
C. Demolition and removal of existing pipes, valves, and hydrants as directed by the contract documents.
D. Installation of new 4-inch, 6-inch, and 8—inch Ductile Iron water mains and 2-inch Copper pipe as directed by the contract documents.
E. Installation of new gate valves and hydrants as directed by the contract documents.
F. Gate valve sizes not identified in the field are noted with a **, for bid purposes the Contractor shall assume a gate valve size of 6”. Gate valves are required to be excavated and identified before being replacing.
G. Cleaning, disinfecting, commissioning, and testing of all city water new work.
H. Cleaning, commissioning, and testing of all plant water new work.
I.  Site restoration and removal of Erosion and Sediment Control measures.

Major Trades

  • Earthwork
  • Paving
  • Process Pipe
  • Temporary linestops and wet taps


Contract Documents Available Here