Bid Schedule

Bid Date

January 13th @ 10:00 PM

Project Location

S-3690 Lake Shore Road, Buffalo, NY 14219


Town of Hamburg, NY


Erie County, NY

Estimated Value


The following is a general description of the project:

  1. Supply and installation of two (2) Tray Scrubber Assemblies.
  2. Removal of existing two (2) tray scrubber assemblies. 
  3. Supply and installation of one () 316L stainless steel ventilation stack on Y Incinerator. 
  4. Removal of the existing ventilation stack on Y Incinerator.
  5. Supply and installation of a new ductile iron drain line on X Incinerator. 
  6. Supply and installation of one (1) JIB crane.
  7. Removal or repair of select areas of damaged concrete.
  8. Supply and installation of a solid support and grating system to fill a large opening, with associated concrete work.
  9. Connection of all supplied equipment, assemblies, systems and facilities to existing structures, assemblies, and facilities, including stainless steel TIG welding.
  10. Other work as required by the tray scrubber manufacturer to retrofit the supplied system into the existing facilities. 

Contract Documents Available Here