Bid Schedule

Bid Date

January 20th @ 10:00 AM

Project Location

7901 Hamilton Street, Pultneyville, NY 14518


Town of Williamson


MRB Group & Turner Engineering

Estimated Value


The following is a general description of the project:

Work generally includes, but is not limited to selective demolition of existing components of raw water wet well, process piping, backwash pump, solids contact clarifier, chemical feed systems, electrical systems, and heating and ventilation systems. The Work also includes, but is not limited to construction of flood resiliency measures, raw water wet well components, freeze-up pump system, pre-engineered building addition, concrete water treatment process tankage, solids contact clarifier, filter systems with underdrains and media, process piping, filter air scour equipment, filter backwash system, upgrades to an existing solids contract clarifier, powder activated carbon feed system, chemical feed systems, coatings, building ventilation, lighting, electrical and control interconnections between the chemical feed systems, pumps, filter and clarifier control valves, and an existing plant wide SCADA system, site construction, drainage and sanitary systems, chemical containment pad, and temporary systems that may be necessary to complete the Work.

Contract Documents Available Here