Building Community

Health & Well-Being

The majority of our work involves improving our water infrastructure, thereby contributing positively to our environment. Our projects mainly include wastewater treatment plants which discharge treated water to our local waterways, water treatment plants which provide clean drinking water for our community, and pumping stations which convey water throughout the region. These projects are absolutely critical to the health and well-being of our community.

Employment Opportunities

Another positive benefit of public works is it provides high-paying construction jobs to local residents. Due to the need for skilled construction personnel, prevailing wages, and our commitment to providing best-in-class benefits for our employees, we pay our employees well above the industry average for construction work. Our workforce can take satisfaction knowing they are contributing positively to the local community and environment, and are paid well to do it.

Smart Project Management

Operating in the public space, ACE takes very seriously our responsibility to be a good steward of public funding. We strive to have successful projects, completing work within the budgeted cost and schedule. We are proactive in identifying and resolving issues, thereby minimizing cost and time impacts. At all times, we strive to provide our clients with sound consultation, always advising the most prudent course of action in managing and constructing these projects. These efforts result in providing our clients with efficiently-constructed projects, delivering finished products in the most timely fashion possible at the lowest cost.

Community Outreach

ACE participates annually with Rebuilding Together Howard County (RTHC). RTHC provides home repairs for people in need, veterans and non-profit organizations, striving to keep people warm, dry, and safe in Howard County. Every April, the ACE team converges on a selected house for a Saturday to uplift some of our local residents. This offers us an opportunity to use our construction expertise to help out people in need. Our team has been extremely generous in donating their time and energy to these projects, and we have seen a tremendous turnout each year we have participated. 

Each year, RTHC rewards participants with “Golden Hammer” awards for outstanding performances. In 2015, ACE won the “Rookie of the Year” award for our first year of participation. In 2016, ACE won “Project of the Year” award for a uniquely difficult project, which many considered the most challenging project performed in the 25-year history of the organization. These awards are a nice recognition of our efforts, but pale in comparison to the appreciation received from the homeowners after completion of the repairs.