Current Projects Ashleigh Knolls Shared Sewage Disposal Facility


Project Location

7221 Fawn Crossing Drive


Howard County



Contract Value


The following is a general description of the project:

Work at the Ashleigh Knolls Shared Sewage Disposal Facility involves the construction of a new sequencing batch reactor (SBR) facility, utilizing existing sedimentation tanks. This work consists of site work in the form of new yard piping to interconnect portions of the new plant, as well as grading, paving and seeding. Two existing storage sheds at the site will also be relocated, along with their potable water supply. A new Influent Transfer Station will be built to house pumps and piping, along with the SBR Facility itself; both structures are pre-engineered wooden pole buildings with metals skins. To support the main process equipment, new chemical feed systems, booster and seal water systems, portable davit cranes, various piping and electrical gear will be provided. In addition, two existing sedimentation tanks will be converted into equalization tanks through piping and valve modifications.

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