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5000 Overlook Ave, SW
Washington DC


DC Water



Estimated Value


The following is a general description of the project:

  • Rehabilitation of raw wastewater pumps, removal and replacement of select motors, removal of the existing eddy current drives, and replacement with variable frequency drives.
  • Installation of new instrumentation, raw wastewater pump control panels, field instruments, DCU, RIO, and UPS.
  • Replacement of electrical equipment throughout the pump station, including but, not limited to, 4160V switchgear, lighting and panelboard, motor exiter controls, and batteries.
  • Removal and disposal of identified asbestos material and lead based paint in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and ordinances.
  • Demolition of existing equipment, piping, supports, valves, appurtenances, air handling, air conditioning units, electrical components and wiring, and control components as indicated in the specifications and drawings.
  • Pressure cleaning of interior surfaces in the basement and basement mezzanine.
  • Site modifications to include stormwater drainage improvements and rehabilitation to roadway structures.
  • Renovation of the facility, including, but not limited to, construction of a new electrical room, renovations to existing restrooms, replacement of membrane roof, and replacement and repair of various architectural items.
  • Repair of identified structural deficiencies.
  • Relocation of existing air intakes to allow construction of a natural gas-fired HVAC system.
  • Infill of existing skylights on the roof to construct structural appurtenances to support new roof-mounted HVAC units.
  • Renovation of plumbing and process service water system.
  • Installation of integrated fire detection and alarm system connected to plantwide fire alarm systems and portable fire extinguishers throughout the facility.
  • Modifications to raw wastewater pump suction and discharge expansion joint, installations of bolting on discharge piping, siphon piping, and painting of all piping.