Current Projects Naval Support Denitrification


Project Location

Adler Road, Annapolis, MD




Brown & Caldwell

Contract Value

Privately Negotiated

The following is a general description of the project:

The work at the Naval Support Facility Annapolis involves the upgrading of the existing plant to a new advanced Membrane Biological Reactor. This involves installing two new self-contained Membrane Biological Reactor trains while the plant remains fully operational. To support the new system ACE will need to upgrade one of the plants pump stations. The existing chemical feed system will also be replaced by a new system composed of 6 tanks and 9 feed pumps. In addition ACE will convert an existing clarifier to a sludge holding tank with a floating mixer, telescopic valve, and pump station. With the new equipment in place ACE will demolish the existing plant systems including; the mud well, tri-media filter, clarifiers, trickling filters, distribution box, and underground pipe. A large section of the demolished equipment will be converted in to a bio swell.

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