Current Projects ECI WWTP


Project Location

30479 Perry Road, Princess Anne, MD 21853


Maryland Environmental Service



Contract Value

$24 Million

The following is a general description of the project:

1. Demolition of Abandoned Headworks

2. Modifications to the Existing Headworks Building

3. Modifications to the Existing Flow Equalization Facility

4. Construction of a New Biological Process Train utilizing MBR technology (Flat Plate)

5. Retrofit of Existing Oxidation Ditch into New Biological Process Train utilizing MBR technology (Flat Plate)

6. Replacement of Existing Effluent Filters with new Denitrification Filters

7. Retrofit of Ex. Clarifier into new Ballasted Flocculation System for Phosphorus and Organic Nitrogen Removal (ADD ALTERNATE ITEM)

8. Upgrade and Expansion of Existing UV Disinfection System

9. Upgrade of Existing Post-Aeration System

10. Replacement of Ex. Effluent Pumping Station

11. Implementation of Plant-Wide Process Monitoring and Control System consolidating the WWTP and WTP control systems

12. Improvements to the Water Reclamation and Reuse Systems

13. Improvements to the Electrical Distribution System

14. Modifications to the Existing Administration Building

15. Construction of a New Control/Operations Facility


Contract Documents Available Here