Current Projects Mattawoman WWTP Electrical Upgrades


Project Location

5310 Hawthorne Rd, La Plata, MD 20646


Charles County - Department of Public Works



Project Value


Description of Project:

The primary purpose of the project is for the construction of electrical, automation and related improvements at the Mattawoman Wastewater Treatment Plant (MWWTP) which generally includes the following-

Replacement of the existing medium voltage switchgear with a new medium voltage switchgear, New motor control centers, New variable frequency drives, New low voltage power and lighting panelboards, transformers, disconnect switches and related electrical equipment, Miscellaneous building modifications, New electrical buildings, Miscellaneous demolition, New underground ductbanks, New SMECO telephone line, Miscellaneous sanitary wastewater piping modifications, HVAC system modifications, New plant-wide process control system (PCS) utilizing existing plant wide fiber optic cable network backbone, New programmable logic controllers and industrial PC HMIs mounted in PCS cabinets, New operators workstation HMI, New field instrumentation, including but not limited to, TSS probes and transmitters, Sludge blanket level detectors, Pressure transmitters, Level transmitters , Level switches/float switches, Magnetic flow meters, In line TSS probes and transmitters, E-stop and level switches for existing Screen and Grit handling systems, Nitrate, pH and ammonium probes and analyzers, Thermal mass flow meters, New utility water and compressed air connections for instrument probe flushing, Modifications to potable water hydro-pneumatic tank system and controls, Addition of cameras to existing plant wide video monitoring system, Replacement of existing UV system PLC with connection to new PCS network, Addition of motor operated blow-off valves to existing BNR basin aeration blowers, Interception of existing instrument signals for transmission to PCS, Modifications to existing equipment motor starters, Control room modifications, New parallel redundant UPS system for existing server room.


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