Greensboro WWTP

The New Greensboro WWTP project was one of the most enjoyable projects that ACE has participated in. This $7.8M project required the construction of a completely new 0.83 MGD wastewater treatment plant in an 18-month schedule. The project was the first of five phases of construction designed to move local residents off of failing septic systems to the new plant. After planning and design for nearly 25 years, the Town of Greensboro was anxious to see this project get built and put online.

Our team implemented many facets of the Building To Last philosophy on this project. The three most impactful measures were our commitment to pre-construction, developing trust with the client and engineer, and our innovative value engineering ideas.

Due to our pre-construction efforts, we were prepared to start tangible construction work on Day One of the contract period. This enabled us to get off to a fast start and develop strong momentum early in the project. The key to getting done early is to start early.

We recognized early in the project that this job was very important to the Town of Greensboro. Both Greensboro and RK&K had a vested interest in project success, which in some ways made our job easy, because we were all on the same team. We were very transparent in all dealings with both parties in an effort to proactively identify and resolve issues. As a result, a strong relationship based upon mutual trust developed within the project team.

In addition to resolving issues, this trusting relationship also allowed us to develop and implement innovative ideas for the benefit of the project. Some of these were small adjustments which made day-to-day life on the project a little smoother. The most impactful change that was made was the decision to use a precast Dutchland concrete tank for the SBR system. This streamlined the project schedule and also gave Greensboro a high-quality tank with a 10-year warranty. These ideas saved time and money and ultimately allowed the job to be completed with minimal change orders.

The combined efforts of the ACE team, RK&K, and the Town of Greensboro led to a very successful project. The project was completed and placed online in 17 months, 1 month ahead of schedule. Our team kept change orders to a minimum, coming in at less than 1% of the contract value. This allowed Greensboro to spend their contingency money on other much-needed upgrades. The work was completed in a safe manner, as ACE did not incur any lost time injuries over the course of the project.
Beyond the tangible successes on the project, our work was also recognized by the construction industry at large. The project received the 2017 "Award of Merit" from ENR MidAtlantic for the Water/Environment category. ENR produced a professional video describing the project in detail, and our project team, including RK&K and Greensboro, were honored at a ceremony in Baltimore, MD. This award was the culmination of nearly two years of great work by the entire project team.

ACE's attention to detail and pre-planning allowed them to identify challenges early-on and develop solutions that minimized costs to the town. We enjoyed working with a general contractor who consistently put our needs, both current and future, at the forefront of their decision-making. When interacting with ACE, we were always impressed by their knowledge of the industry and best construction options and practices.

– David Kibler
Public Works Director
Town of Greensboro, MD

ACE's on-site project manager and superintendent were very cooperative and proactive throughout the construction process, working well with our inspector, office staff, and the town. ACE would help problem solve, suggesting cost-saving methods to address unforeseen issues. ACE provided a "team approach" to the project that we do not experience as often as we would like on construction projects.

– Kelly C. Duffy, PE
Project Manager