Loch Raven Dam Environmental Operating Facility

The Loch Raven Dam Environmental Operating Facility project is the largest building construction project ACE has performed to date. This $10.1M project required major site development and the construction of six new buildings on two separate sites in a 17-month schedule. One of the big challenges on this project was meeting Baltimore City's DBE requirements of 32% minority participation. ACE utilized 14 MBE and WBE subcontractors in order to meet this quota, meaning there were a lot of moving parts to coordinate in building this project.

Our team brought many of the core principles of Building To Last to this project. Initially, we staffed the project with experienced and professional engineers, managers, and superintendents. This team developed into a strong and cohesive unit that operated like a well-oiled machine throughout the project. Due to their expertise, we developed a number of innovative value engineering ideas in pre-construction that saved costs and minimized risks. Lastly, during the construction phase, when issues arose, ACE utilized a fair and transparent cost tracking system which developed trust with Baltimore City and kept the project momentum moving forward.
These efforts were critical in the project success. Due to the qualified and deep onsite staff, we were able to manage both sites simultaneously, push the schedule, and develop strong momentum early in the project. This led to early project completion, saving time and money. Likewise, the value engineering ideas we implemented optimized the excavation phase. This streamlined the schedule, minimized costs, and mitigated risky excavations which saved time and money and minimized safety risks. Lastly, the trust we developed in resolving issues early in the project continued throughout the project resulting in an enjoyable work environment for all project stakeholders.
The end result of these efforts was a successful project for all stakeholders. The work was completed ahead of schedule, the owner and engineer were happy with the work and we developed strong relationships with some key subcontractors. The following testimonials attest to these statements.

WBCM has found working with ACE on this contract to be a positive experience. When changes to contract work were justified, ACE provided professional and timely cost estimates for the proposed work and greatly assisted the team in resolving issues. They provided quality products, service, and responsiveness far beyond what is commonly provided on many projects.

— Thomas M. Miner, PE
Project Engineer
Whitney Bailey Cox & Magnani, LLC

ACE is one of the rare general contractors that places value in maintaining a positive, enriching, and trusting relationship with its subcontractors. They are extremely engaging with all aspects of a project. From project management to field supervision, ACE representatives put forth efforts that ensure there is a safe working environment, subs are paid on time and change orders are negotiated honestly and fairly. We are appreciative of the fruitful opportunities we have had to work with ACE in the past. We look forward to continued success on the future projects.

— Rodney L. Horton
Vice President
Horton Mechanical Contractors, Inc.