Current Projects Northwest River WTP UV


Project Location

3550 Battlefield Blvd. Chesapeake VA 23322


City of Chesapeake, VA



Contract Value


Description of Project:

The project involves demolition of southern cleaning solution tanks and structures to create space for new drainage and electrical conduits. A new UV Disinfection Building is installed, which includes restoring the existing base slab and constructing a new foundation wall before installing a prefabricated UV Disinfection Building. Within this new structure, UV disinfection reactors, stainless steel piping, false floor grating, HVAC equipment, and lighting are installed. Outdoor UV influent and effluent piping is laid between the new UV Disinfection Building and the modified Finished Water Chemical Addition Structure. Water quality sample and drain lines will be rerouted to a portable enclosure with new instruments connected to the plant control system. Start up and testing of the new UV Reactors.

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