Current Projects ARE Process Air Compressors (PAC) Upgrades


Project Location

1500 Eisenhower Ave. Alexandria, VA


Alexandria Renew Enterprises



Contract Value


The following is a general description of the project:

1. Site work:

  • Providing erosion and sediment control measures.
  • Providing demolition and relocation of existing utilities.
  • Designing and providing mirco-pile foundations, load tests and proof tests, and construction of a Crane Pad and Electrical Pad.
  • Providing exterior electrical improvements, including conduits, concrete encased ductbanks, electrical manholes, pull boxes, and associated supports.
  • Providing conduit screen wall and associated supports.

2. Providing demolition of existing BRB metal framing canopy structure.

3. Providing demolition of existing BRB process air piping system, including flow control valves, flow meters, supports, insulation, etc.

4. Providing demolition of existing process air compressors, including inlet filters, equipment pad, discharge piping, blow-off piping, control panels, supports, etc.

5. Providing demolition of electrical MCC equipment, conduits, wire, supports, etc.

6. Providing construction of a new Blower Building on the existing Biological Reactor Basins (BRB), which includes providing the following:

  • Six high speed turbo blowers and associated control panels, harmonic filters, silencers, etc.
  • Air low pressure (ALP) piping, valves, insulation, instrumentation and supports.
  • Metal building, skylight, concrete curb and overlay
  • HVAC equipment, materials and controls.
  • Electrical and instrumentation equipment and controls.

7. BRB 2 improvements:

  • Providing columns and beams to increase the structural capacity of the BRB top slab.
  • Providing flat panel diffusers and associated piping and supports.
  • Providing process air piping and plant water piping within BRB 2, including valves, supports, etc.

8. Providing process air piping (ALP) for BRBs 1-5 and the Secondary Settling Tank (SST) Influent Channel, including flow control valves, flow meters, insulation, supports, etc.

  • Providing electrical switchgear and transformer equipment, including conduit, wire, pullboxes, supports, modifications to existing switchgear equipment, etc.
  • Providing Building J conduits/ductbanks.


Contract Documents Available Here