Bid Schedule

Bid Date

May 6th @ 2:00 PM

Project Location

106 West Vaughan Road, Ashland, VA 23005


Hanover County, VA


Dewberry Engineers, Inc

Estimated Value


The following is a general description of the project:

1. Project: Construction shall consist of providing and installing a new mechanical step screen, new wash press, fiberglass reinforced building, and associated appurtenances at the Ashland Wastewater Treatment Plant in Hanover, VA. 

2. All work shown on Drawings and/or called for in these Specifications shall be performed under the General Contract, unless specifically noted in the contrary in the contract Documents. The project includes, however is not limited to:

a. Demolish existing mechanical screen, grinder, and miscellaneous equipment.
b. Install new mechanical step screen in the influent channel.
c. Install new wash press
d. Install new pre-fabricated fiberglass building at the screening facility over the step screen and channel.
Install new gas detection system.
f. Install electrical power for the new building, step screen, wash press and all appurtenances described in the contract documents
g. Wash water booster pumps, valving, and enclosure as necessary to meet step screen and wash press requirements.
h. Miscellaneous structural improvements

Contract Documents Available Here