Bid Schedule Atlantic WWTP Influent Screen

Bid Date

February 20 th @ 2:00 PM

Project Location

645 Firefall Drive, Virginia Beach, VA  23454


Hampton Roads Sanitation District



Estimated Value

$1,000,000- $2,000,000

The following is a general description of the project:

a. Demolition of piping, ducting, and associated supports, aluminum channel covers, 
    various materials and components, etc. 
b. Modifications to existing aluminum platforms. 
c. Modifications to existing belt conveyor covers. 
d. Modifications to the existing spare influent channel for new equipment installation. 
e. Furnishing and installing an influent screen and washer compactor in the spare influent 
    channel in the Preliminary Treatment Facility (PTF). 
f. Furnishing and installing a compacted screenings diverter gate and chutes to each 
   existing belt conveyor. 
g. Furnishing and installing aluminum equipment platforms for the influent screen and 
    diverter gate / chutes. 
h. Furnishing and installing aluminum channel covers and hatches. 
i. Furnishing and installing non-potable water (NPW) piping and associated valves, 
   supports and appurtenances. 
j. Furnishing and installing associated electrical components and materials for the new 
   equipment and instruments. 
k. Furnishing and installing instrumentation / control devices, components, materials, etc. 
l. Furnishing and installing odorous air ducting, dampers, supports, penetrations, etc. 
m. Furnishing manufacturer field services for installation, training start-up, etc. 
n. Furnishing and installing other associated electrical, instrumentation, structural and 
    miscellaneous support work and systems.

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