Bid Schedule Colgate Stormwater PS

Bid Date

March 20th @ 11:00

Project Location

2201 Broening Highway, Baltimore, MD 21224


City of Baltimore


EBA Engineering

Estimated Value

$2,000,000- $3,000,000

The principal items of work to be done under this Contract shall consist of the following:

  • Demolition of existing 30 HP stormwater pumps, 40 HP motors, 20” CI suction and 16” CI
    discharge piping/supports, pump concrete pads, base elbow concrete pads, sump pump and piping,
    electrical and SCADA system, door and windows, other piping and appurtenances.
  • Installation of two (2) new stormwater pumping systems including 30 HP pumps and motor, 20”
    DI suction piping system, 16” D1 discharge piping system, 5 ton hoist system, concrete pads,
    piping supports and appurtenances.
  • Installation of one (1) new sump pump systems routed to wet-well.
  • Structural modi?cation to existing pump wall and slab penetration to accommodate proposed
  • Install level transducer, floats, level control panel and chart recorder.
  • Development of 3 Sequence of Construction subject to the Engineer’s review and approval.
  • Contractor shall maintain pumping ability of the pump station throughout construction either
    through phasing and/or the installation and operation of a temporary bypass pumping system. This
    shall be prepared by the Contractor and reviewed and approved by the Engineer.
  • Cleaning of existing wetwell of all solids, trash, debris etc.
  • Structural rehabilitation of pump station and epoxy coating of wetwell.
  • Upgrades to building heating and ventilation system include installation of a new inline supply fan
    with associated ductwork and intake louver in the location of the existing windows.
  • Installation of new complete EPDM rubber membrane roof system to include tapered insulation for
    draining, tapered edge cants, flashing and replacement of drainage grates to be connected to existing
    PVC piping.
  • Demolition of existing interior lighting and replace with fluorescent and high intensity type lights.
  • Electrical and SCADA system upgrade.
  • Tie new controls/alanns/signals into existing SCADA system.
  • Installation of two new 48” precast manholes and associated piping.
  • 10,000 gpm bypass system.
  • Installation of new FRP door with flood gates, and waterproofing of pump station wall.
  • Other miscellaneous work as shown on the drawings.

Contract Documents Available Here