Bid Schedule DC Water Misc Facilities 6

Bid Date

December 19th @ 2:00 PM

Project Location

5000 Overlook Ave SW, Washington DC  20032


DC Water



Estimated Value

$20,000,000- $25, 000,000

Major items of work for this contract include:

1. Influent aqua screen conversion
2. Heating and ventilation reinstatement
3. Nitrification blower PLC replacement
4. Procurement of nitrification A/B valve actuators
5. VFD for WNS replacement
6. Secondary synchronism check
7. Replacement of MCC 5 & MCC 6
8. Emergency equipment and materials
9. Process Facilities - various tasks
10. Specialized services as per task scope
11. Time and material work on emergency task work order
12. Maintenance support work related to wastetwater treatment plant processes

Contract Documents Available Here