Bid Schedule

Bid Date

August 10th at 11:00AM

Project Location

5900 MacArthur Boulevard, Northwest, Washington D.C. 20016


U.S Army Corps of Engineers



Estimated Value


The following is a general description of the project:

The project includes removal and replacement of existing leaking expansion joints and repair of miscellaneous concrete cracks and spalls in sedimentation basins 1-4; removal and replacement of the sedimentation basin 3 and 4 flocculators; modifications to the existing basin 3 and 4 Penthouse walkways to add a new access hatch additional grating floor; addition of one new disconnect switch access platform and two new stairs in the basin 3 and 4 drywells; select removal, modification and replacement of portions of the residuals collectors installed in sedimentation basins 3 and 4; removal and replacement of the residuals collector isolation valves installed in sedimentation basins 3 and 4; removal and replacement of the sample ports installed in sedimentation basin 4; installation of permanent power supply and discharge piping to allow residuals to be discharged from sedimentation basins 3 and 4 to the existing Residuals Process Facility using Washington Aqueduct’s existing temporary drain pump; Miscellaneous electrical modifications to the power supply serving the north end of sedimentation basins 3 and 4; modifications to the transformer supplying power to the existing maintenance Building and sedimentation basin 4; replacement of the existing flush piping serving sedimentation basins 3 and 4; painting or replacement of miscellaneous ferrous metal handrails and supports and incidental related work.

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