Bid Schedule Henrico SCADA System Replacement

Bid Date

June 28th @ 2:00

Project Location

10111 Three Chopt Rd, Henrico, VA 23233


Henrico County



Estimated Value


The following is a general description of the project:

  1. Program and implement SCADA network and related communication interfaces.
  2. Provide programmable logic controller (PLC) hardware, operator interface terminal (OIT) hardware, and appurtenances for control system hardware upgrade of existing control panels.  
  1. Provide new control panels, new subpanels, server racks, network cabinets, termination cabinets, and associated appurtenances.  
  1. Modification of existing and installation of new wiring and conduit.
  2. Replace existing electric actuators with new electric actuators on the six valves that feed raw water to
    hydraulic dissipation chambers.  
  3. Demolish existing panels and subpanels.
  4. Provide new uninterruptible power supply units.
  5. Provide and program PLC software for migration of existing logic and new logic.
  6. Provide human machine interface (HMI) software and perform HMI software configuration.
  7. Provide historian software and perform historian software configuration.
  8. Program and configure new head-end SCADA system computer hardware for all SCADA system software. SCADA system computer hardware shall include, but is not limited to, managed network switches, servers, computer workstations, and thin client workstations.  
  1. Configure redundant SCADA server environments.
  1. Configure redundant terminal services environments.
  2. Configure Microsoft Windows server environments for setup of SCADA system license servers and associated administrative features.  
  1. Provide ancillary SCADA system software and associated programming including, but not limited to, the following: paging system software, alarm notification software, report software, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) status monitoring software.  
  1. Start-up and test SCADA system networks including pre-tests, post-tests, and complete loop checks for
    each upgraded existing control panel and new control panel.
  2. Include web browser implementation.
  3. Perform control room modifications.
  4. Construct a new server room.
  5. Provide a new fiber optic cable network.
  6. Provide new air conditioning units.
  7. Provide a new air scour blower control panel and install and startup the panel.
    23. All other work as shown and specified.

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