Bid Schedule

Bid Date

July 13th @ 11:00 AM

Project Location

6623 Dearborn Drive, Falls Church, VA 22044


Fairfax County, VA



Estimated Value


The following is a general description of the project:

The project consists of the installation and operation of critical sewer bypass pumping systems; replacement of four (4) constant speed 3-MGD vertical end suction pumps with new dry pit submersible end suction pumps, piping and appurtenances; addition of variable frequency drives and motors; HVAC and electrical equipment and lighting upgrades; and new lavatory and associated plumbing. The project also includes the addition of a new bypass pumping vault and connection; new surge tank; new section of 20-inch ductile iron force main; new emergency generator; new carbon adsorption and liquid injection odor control systems; new generator and liquid odor control system enclosure structure; gravity sewer replacement/rehabilitation and manhole rehabilitation; modifications to the existing sewer diversion structure; demolition and relocation of electric and communication utilities; installation of a permeable paver system and replacement of existing driveway pavement and curb-and-gutter; landscape planting; and roadway curb and gutter.

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