Bid Schedule North Pump Station

Bid Date

October 7th @ 10:30 AM

Project Location

1600 N. Main St, Hampstead, MD 21074


Carroll County, MD


Wastewater Management

Estimated Value


The following is a general description of the project:

The North Pump Station and Sanitary Main Improvements project will consist of two major
components, with each component having a separate set of construction drawings. The first of these is
the construction of a new sewage pump station that will replace the existing North Pump Station
facility located at 1600 North Main Street in Hampstead. The new sewage pump station will be
constructed approximately 1,700 feet southwest of the existing facility. The work generally consists
of the construction of three subsurface, precast concrete structures; a channel-mounted comminutor;
two 60 HP, 480-volt submersible sewage pumps; a 6-inch nominal diameter magnetic flow meter; a
stand-by generator; a control building housing the electrical components; and miscellaneous lifting /
hoisting equipment, piping, valves, instrumentation, site work, fencing, paving, erosion control, and
final site restoration. The second component includes site improvements as well as water, gravity
sewer and force main sewer improvements from the existing North Pump Station facility footprint to
the new sewage pump station location. The work generally consists of the construction of a 2-inch
diameter water service; a 10-inch diameter sewage gravity main; an 8-inch diameter sewage force
main; site improvements; erosion control and site restoration. The project will also require
coordination with BGE regarding electrical and natural gas service extensions to the new sewage
pump station

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