Bid Schedule

Bid Date

July 12th at 11:00AM

Project Location

3550 South Battlefield Blvd Chesapeake, VA 23322


City of Chesapeake, VA



Estimated Value


The following is a general description of the project:

The Work under this project consists of: 1. Demolition of the two existing southern spent cleaning solution tanks and associated support pad and portions of the existing spent cleaning solution containment walls and the tank base slab to permit installation of a new drain pipe and electrical conduits from the new UV Disinfection Building to the existing Membrane/Chemical Building basement. 2. Construction of new concrete walls to enclose the containment area serving the two remaining north spent cleaning solution tanks. 3. Installation of a new UV Disinfection Building including restoration of the existing base slab and a new foundation wall followed by installation of the new prefabricated UV Disinfection Building. 4. Installation of two new UV disinfection reactors and associated stainless steel piping, false floor grating system, HVAC equipment and lighting within the new UV Disinfection Building. 5. Installation of new electrical power/control panels for the new UV reactors in the Membrane/Chemical Building existing electrical room and additional UV control panels in the new UV Disinfection Building. 6. Installation of new elevated outdoor UV influent and effluent piping and associated pipe supports between the new UV Disinfection Building and the modified existing Finished Water Chemical Addition Structure. Prior to starting the modifications described above, reroute the existing water quality sample and drain lines to a Contractor furnished portable enclosure and connect to the new instruments installed in the enclosure and connected to the existing plant control system. 7. Once the new portable enclosure and water quality instruments are operational and approval is given by the City, modifications requiring a plant shutdown can begin within the Finished Water Chemical Addition structure. 8. Following completion of the plant shutdown, the new water quality instruments and associated sample lines shall be relocated to their permanent location within the Finished Water Chemical Addition Structure (one instrument at a time within 1 hour each) and the temporary enclosure shall be removed from the site. 9. Startup and testing of the new UV reactors shall be completed once finished water can be passed through them.

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