Bid Schedule

Bid Date

May 2nd @ 2:00PM

Project Location

43240 Data Drive, Ashburn, VA 20147


Loudoun Water



Estimated Value


The following is a general description of the project:

Construction of a 4.5MGD sewer pump station including furnishing and installing dry-pit submersible pumps, sewage grinders, carbon adsorber scrubber system, surge tank located in vault, generator, fuel system including above ground fuel storage tank and day tank, bioxide feed system, process mechanical piping, yard piping, valves, flowmeter located in a valve vault, HVAC and plumbing system, electrical, instrumentation, and controls, start-up and commissioning - Construction of an emergency storage tank - Cleaning the existing 12” force main (installed by others) before tie-in - Construction of Sanitary Sewer Manholes S3A and M - Construction of 24 IN Sanitary Sewer Gravity Main between Manholes S3A and M, and Manholes M and wet well - Tie-in to an existing water line and force main (installed by others) - Tie-in to sanitary sewer gravity main (installed by others) - Site work including civil and landscaping - Construction of approximately 500 LF of access roadway - Demolition of an existing pump station and restoring site.

Contract Documents Available Here